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our story

The CrossFit concept began in California in 2000. This new idea of always-changing, short, intense workouts slowly picked up steam, word spread, and CrossFit started showing up in fitness circles creeping toward the east coast. Before it became a household name – sometime in early summer 2008 – myself and a group of friends began experimenting with the program at local gyms, our houses, and parks. The results that we were getting were nothing short of amazing. CrossFit was getting us in beach body shape in half the time of a traditional workout. I think what we thrived on most of all was that every day we were learning something new or challenging ourselves in a different way. It never got boring. That still holds true today.

Before long, we added a few more friends… and we just knew we were on to something. I approached Earl Metzler of Metzler’s Gymnastics about leasing appx. 200 sqft. of space inside his Downingtown gymnasium. Thanks to Earl’s belief in us, we had the space to mark off a small Box and purchase a few pieces of equipment. Over the next year, we continued learning all we could about the program while slowly growing to about 20 consistent participants. We decided to take the next step and hold some classes.

That’s when CFRS was born. On January 2nd, 2011, we officially became a CrossFit affiliate. We were able to acquire another 800 sqft in the back corner of Metzler’s and our membership jumped to 50 Cross Fitters! In 2012, it was clear that we were busting at the seams. We began to search for something bigger… we found it and moved into our 2nd spot. This location was 3000 sqft. and our membership jumped to 100 members within the year! We loved the location, but once again – we quickly outgrew it.

In 2013, CFRS opened the doors to its current 6000 sqft. home on Boot Road in Downingtown. We have over 150 members with 7 coaches and growing.

I’m grateful and proud to say that many of our original members continue to be with us because they know what type of atmosphere we provide. Everyone, regardless of background, culture or fitness level are looked as equals. CrossFit Rock Solid athletes have one common goal – to improve their fitness and apply it to everyday life. Our coaches help our athletes break down barriers, overcome obstacles and achieve goals while demanding accuracy of movements for proper movement patterns. Training functional movements at high intensity will prepare you for the unknown and unknowable. Our programming is designed to challenge every athlete no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Founder of Crossfit Rock Solid

Mike Armento | OWNER